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Year 9 English

Year 9 English - First World War Poetry

For the last 100 years, the graphic images of trench warfare presented by anti-war poets, such as Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon, have informed our view of the First World War as a futile and wasteful campaign. Despite challenges from academics and changing public opinion, this view has remained a constant in the British cultural memory of the First World War over the years. Quite naturally, war poetry has remained a central topic in the school curriculum and for many students it constitutes their first encounter with analysing and comparing poetic techniques and structure. 

Alleyn's students study the war and war poetry in Year 9 and go on to produce a major project about the war at the end of term. This work includes a range of different resources, essays, illustrations, annotations, original writing, and even historical documents. This work not only gives Alleyn's students the opportunity to learn about the First World War but also provides an opportunity to engage with it. Examples of this work can be viewed below. 

Poets of the First World War - Jenna, 9LG 

Jenna's First World War project draws together research, analysis, illustrations and personal stories to explore the poets of the First World War.

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The First World War, A Project - Vera, 9RO

Vera's First World War project focuses on the poets of the First World War and includes original artwork, detailed biographies, diary entries and essays.

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The Diary of Edward Hamilton - Robert, 9RA

Robert's First World War project takes the form of a diary and is written from the perspective of a soldier serving at the front. The project combines diary entries, letters and hand drawn sketches to provide insight into the life of a soldier during the war.