WW1 Alumni

Wise, E

Eric Wise

Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery

Age 14, Class VI A: 'Fairly intelligent; has worked well.'

Eric Wise joined the war effort at the age of 24 in January 1917. He was a student at Alleyn’s until 1908 and lived with his mother and step-father, Edward and Ann Hughs, at 34 East Dulwich Grove. After leaving school, he found work as a clerk and continued in this job until joining the war effort. Eric joined the Royal Garrison Artillery after being found fit for service and embarked overseas with the regiment to serve on the Western Front in France. Just a month after being posted to France, Eric was wounded in battle. He received a gunshot wound to his left shoulder and right buttock which caused him a considerable amount of pain. Eric was hospitalised for a brief period to recover from injuries but was able to return to his regiment after recovering. He continued to serve with the RGA until being discharged in 1919.