WW1 Alumni

Williams, RW

Richard White Williams

Richard White Williams

Lieutenant, London Regiment

Richard White Williams lived with his parents, Richard and Sarah, at 6 Elms Road, Dulwich and joined the British Army as part of the Territorial Force in 1904. During his time with the TF, Richard served with the First Surrey Rifles where he continually displayed his skill as a soldier and his natural ability to lead. These qualities saw him granted a commission in 1912 and he received the rank of 2nd Lieutenant after completing his officer training. In January 1914, he joined 10th Battalion who he would continue his service with throughout the First World War.

After agreeing to overseas duty after the outbreak of World War One, Richard was sent for service on the Eastern Front and saw action as a part of the Gallipoli Campaign. By August 1915, he had been promoted to Lieutenant and had been involved in a number of operations on the peninsula. Unfortunately, it was during this time that Richard was killed in action on August 19th 1915. His loss was felt strongly by those at home where he was well known for his roles as scoutmaster and Honorary Secretary of the School of Arms. He is commemorated on the Helles Memorial.