WW1 Alumni

Throssell, HCS

Horace Claude Sharman Throssell

Horace Claude Sharman Throssell

2nd Lieutenant, Suffolk Regiment

Horace Claude Sharman Throssell was a student at Alleyn’s until 1911 and lived with his parents, Sharman and Alice, at 15 Cornwall Road, Stroud Green during this time. After leaving school, he found work with Eagle Insurance, Pall Mall and remained at the company until the outbreak of the First World War in August 1914 encouraged him to enlist. After being granted a commission, Horace joined the Suffolk Regiment as a 2nd Lieutenant and was sent for service overseas on the Western Front. He saw action in France and Flanders with the regiment until being killed in action on March 17th 1917. He is buried at Vermelles Cemetery.

War memorial of the Eagle Star, later Zurich Insurance Company.

Horace is also remembered on the Herne Hill WW1 memorial website and the Eagle Star (later Zurich Insurance Company) War Memorial, pictured right.