WW1 Alumni

Temple, WH

Wilfred Henry Temple

Lance Bombardier, Royal Field Artillery

Age 11, I Middle: 'A good little fellow: fairly bright.'

Wilfred Henry Temple lived with his parents and five brothers at 321 Lordship Lane, Dulwich. He attended Alleyn’s until 1905 along with his two brothers, Edwin and William. After leaving school, he found work as a clerk and decided to volunteer for the Territorial Force in his spare time. He joined the TF in September 1909 and spent four years serving and training with the Royal Field Artillery. At the end of 1913, Wilfred’s engagement with the TF was terminated. This was due to the standard length of service for those signing up being limited to four years. To continue serving in the forces after this time was up, men were required to re-enlist. Wilfred took a short break from the TF during this time but the outbreak of war in August 1914 prompted him to re-join the TF and the Royal Field Artillery. His brothers, Edwin and William, also decided to join the war effort and enlisted in the British Expeditionary Force shortly afterwards. During his second spell with the RFA, Wilfred volunteered for overseas service and spent a significant amount of time on the Western Front. He served in France for the majority of his service and proved himself to be a reliable and dedicated soldier. This earned him a promotion to Acting Bombardier in May 1917. He was promoted again in January 1918 to the rank of Lance Bombardier, the RFA equivalent to the Infantry rank of Corporal. Wilfred survived the war and served with his regiment until the end of the conflict in 1918. For his wartime service, he received the 1914-15 Star and the British War and Victory.