WW1 Alumni

Sutherst, DV

DV Sutherst

2nd Lieutenant, Royal West Kent Regiment

DV Sutherst was a student at Alleyn's until 1914 and joined the war effort shortly after leaving school. After being granted a commission and completing his officer training, Sutherst joined the Royal West Kent Regiment as a 2nd Lieutenant. He fought with the regiment throughout the war and often displayed the great courage and skill during operations against the enemy. Sutherst's gallantry was recognised in 1917 when he was awarded the Military Cross for his actions in the field. By the end of the war, he had earned another Bar to this Military Cross and had also been promoted to the rank of Captain. Throughout his time overseas, Sutherst kept in contact with Alleyn's, informing the school of his activities and any personal progression he was making. The school also gave regular updates in return, including details of the newly established War Memorial Fund and the construction of an Organ in remembrance of those who had been killed. Sutherst survived the war and returned home to England after the conflict came to a close in 1918.