WW1 Alumni

Smith, LC

Leonard C Smith

Driver, Royal Field Artillery

Age 16, Class VI B Lower: 'Quiet, well-intended boy. Does his best.'

Leonard C Smith was a student at Alleyn’s until 1912. During this time, he lived at 43 East Dulwich Road with his grandparents, William and Eugenie, his mother, Maud, and his brother and sister, Sidney and Majorie. Leonard was 19 when he joined the war effort as part of the Royal Field Artillery. He served as a Driver on the Western Front and saw action in the France with the RFA from 1915-1918. Leonard got off to a slightly rocky start in his military career after he was made to endure Field Punishment No. 1 for neglecting an order and being improperly dressed for duty in December 1915. This was a common punishment for minor disobedience in the field and saw soldiers restrained and attached to a fixed object for up to two hours per day. The punishment could only last a maximum of 21 days. This minor slip-up was the only punishment Leonard received throughout the entire war and he continued the rest of his wartime service with RFA with a clean record. Leonard served until the end of the war and for his wartime service he was awarded the British War and Victory Medal.