WW1 Alumni

Simundt, E (E Simmonds)

Eric Simundt (Simmonds)

Sapper, Royal Engineers

Eric Simundt was a student at Alleyn’s until 1910 and lived 85 Leanden Road, Thornton Heath with his parents, Victor and Ada. After completing his studies at Alleyn’s, Eric found work as a bank clerk and decided to enlist in the British Territorial Force as part of the Royal Engineers. After being found fit for service, Eric joined the London District Signals Company ‘Army Troops’ and served as a Sapper. It was during this time that the family changed their Polish surname, Simundt, to the more English sounding name, Simmonds, in the hope of avoiding any conflict brought on by the anti-German feeling currently sweeping Britain. When Britain officially declared war in August 1914, Eric immediately decided to volunteer for overseas duty and he was sent to France with the Royal Engineers where he continued to serve throughout the war.