WW1 Alumni

Sayers, EA

Edward Alfred Sayers

Sapper, Royal Engineers

Edward Alfred Sayers was a student at Alleyn’s until 1908 and lived at 11 Knollys Road, Streatham Hill with his parents, Henry and Elizabeth, during this time. He joined the war effort early on as part of the Royal Engineers and was sent for service overseas on the Western Front in 1915. During his time overseas, Edward was involved in a number of British operations and provided essential communication and support as a telephonist during offensives. In November 1915, he became injured after catching his hand in the wheel of a wagon containing supplies as he attempted to pull it from a ditch at the front. The injury resulted in him having to fill out an ‘Accidental or Self Inflicted Wounds Form’ to prove that he had not intentionally caused himself harm, which was a serious and punishable offence in the Army. After recovering from his injury, Edward returned to the front and continued to serve with the Royal Engineers until the end of the war. For his wartime service, he received the 1914-15 Star and the British War and Victory Medal.