WW1 Alumni

Proctor, WG

William G. Procter

Private, London Regiment

Age 15, Class II Middle: 'Industrious, steady and of good tone.'

William G. Procter was a student at Alleyn’s until 1910 and lived at 23 Hillsboro’ Road, East Dulwich with his father, William, and his brother, Sidney. After leaving school, he found work with the Asiatic Petroleum Company, Limited located in St. Helens Court in London. William worked for the company until deciding to enlist in the British Expeditionary Force after the outbreak of war in August 1914. His brother, Sidney, also decided to enlist at this time. After being attested, William joined the London Regiment as a private in the 15th (County of London) Battalion. He received orders to go overseas in March 1915 where he served on the Western Front with 15th Battalion. During his service on the Western Front, William suffered a gunshot wound to the face and also went missing in action. He was later found and was sent home where he made a full recovery from his injuries. His brother, Sidney, was not so lucky during this time and he died in battle in 1917, leaving his remaining possessions and money to his brother. William continued to serve with the London Regiment until the end of the war and he returned to his former employment at St. Helens Court after the conflict came to an end. For his service in the war, he received the British War and Victory Medal.