WW1 Alumni

Paterson, AS

A. Stanley Paterson

Arthur Stanley Paterson

Lieutenant, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry

Age 16, Class VIA: Good, sound, reliable abilities - Scientific rather than literary - character - Excellent'

Arthur Stanley Paterson was born in March 1889 and attended Alleyn’s from April 1899 until November 1904. He was the son of Arthur W Paterson, a commercial traveller, and during his time at school he lived at "Langston", Thurlow Park Road, West Dulwich. Later he moved to Bantstead in Surrey. He was Assistant Master at Cathedral School, Truro until the outbreak of war encouraged him to enlist in the British Army. After being granted a commission and completing his training, Paterson joined the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry as a Lieutenant and was sent for service overseas on the Eastern Front. In 1918, he was serving as part of the British Salonika Campaign near Doiran when he was wounded in action and taken prisoner by Bulgarian forces. As the British forces continued to press forward, the Bulgarian retreat degenerated into a rout and Paterson was abandoned. During this time, he suffered greatly due to the severity of his injuries. In his last hours on October 2nd 1918, he was comforted by the kind attentions and ministrations of another Old Boy, the Rev. E. C. Hudson, who later buried him at Karasuli Military Cemetery.