WW1 Alumni

Nutting, AJ

Alfred Nutting at Houplines, 1915

Alfred J. Nutting 

Company Quartermaster Sergeant, London Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles)

Alfred J. Nutting was a student at Alleyn's until 1899 and lived at 40 Elsie Road, East Dulwich during this time. He joined the war effort as part of the London Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles) and served as a Company Quartermaster Sergeant overseas on the Western Front. His gallantry in the field saw him awarded the Military Medal and the Royal Victorian Medal,a reward for personal service to the Sovereign or the Royal Family. 

Alfred often wrote home of his wartime experiences and two of his letters were published in the Edward Alleyn Magazine in 1915. Click here to read a short letter from the February edition and click here to view another from March. 

The photograph was taken as a souvenir for each soldier. Alfred was at Houplines in 1915 when this was taken and he is wearing a goat skin.

With thanks to Steve Hammond, researcher into the Queen's Westminster Rifles for providing the photograph and information about its context.