WW1 Alumni

Morgan, EG

Edgar George Morgan

Private, London Regiment (Labour Corps)

Age 15, Class IV F: 'Very fair. Not over-intelligent but does his best. No trouble.'

Edgar George Morgan, a resident of 24 High Street, Peckham, joined the war effort in September 1914. He was a student at Alleyn’s until 1912 and lived with his parents, sister and two brothers. After leaving school, Edgar found work as a clerk before deciding to enlist in the British Expeditionary Force a month after the outbreak of war in August 1914. After being attested, Edgar joined the Royal Labour Corps as part of 6th Battalion and served in France in 1916. Although the men of the Labour Corps could be called upon to serve as infantrymen, their main role at the front was to carry out the demanding physical work that made successful operations possible. This included the construction of roads, timberwork and the general handling of supplies. Edgar served in this role until March 1916 when he was hospitalised after suffering from severe chest pains that caused him difficulty breathing. After a medical examination, he was diagnosed with Heart Disease and was recommended for a discharge as he was considered as permanently unfit for service.