WW1 Alumni

Knowlden, HS

Herbert Stanley Knowlden

Driver, Army Service Corps

Age 14, Class IV C: 'Conduct satisfactory.'

Herbert Stanley Knowlden lived at 173 Auckland Hill, West Norwood with his parents, Thomas and Annie, when war broke out in August 1914. He was a student at Alleyn’s until 1911 and was employed as a butcher before he decided to enlist in the war effort in January 1916. After being declared as medically fit for service, Herbert joined the Army Service Corps and was posted overseas to serve as a Driver with the Mechanical Transport Companies. The MT companies played an important role in the war by allowing supplies and guns to be transported across the front where advances had been made by the infantry. Herbert served in this role with the ASC for the duration of the war and ended his time overseas with the 1114th MT Company.