WW1 Alumni

Heron, WH

William H. Heron

Private, the Buffs (East Kent Regiment)

William H. Heron, brother of Victor H. Heron, studied at Alleyn’s until 1914. During this time, he lived at 146 Leander Road, Brixton Hill with his parents, James and Minnie. In January 1916, his brother joined the British Expeditionary Force as part of the London Regiment (Artists’ Rifles) and went on to serve overseas on the Western Front. William joined the war effort shortly afterwards as part of the Buffs (East Kent Regiment) and saw service in France and Italy. During his time overseas with the Buffs, he was severely wounded in battle which saw him return to England to recover from his injuries at Sittingbourne. Like his brother, William was a caring and unselfish individual and this kind-hearted nature was displayed when he readily gave some of his sound skin to be grafted on to the limb of a fellow suffer.