WW1 Alumni

Guthrie, ARP

Alec Robert Payne Guthrie

Bombardier, Royal Field Artillery

Age 14, Class V C: 'Good ability especially mathematics; has worked hard.'

Alec Robert Payne Guthrie studied at Alleyn’s until 1911. During this time, he lived at 14 Overhill Road, East Dulwich with his parents, John and Clara, and his brother, Arthur. Alec was 5ft 6 ½ inches and had light brown hair and blue eyes. After leaving school, he found work as a solicitor’s clerk and decided to volunteer with the British Territorial Force in March 1914. Alec was 17 years old when he was declared as medically fit for service and assigned to the 5th London Brigade (Royal Field Artillery). He served as a Bombardier with the brigade in England until he agreed to serve overseas with the RFA after the outbreak of war in August 1914. After a year of serving on the Western Front, he reverted to the rank of Gunner at his own request and remained at this rank until his unit was demobilised in June 1919. After the end of the war, Alec was given the opportunity to sign up for an additional year with the TF which he agreed to in April 1920. The following year, he married his wife, Beatrice Helena Guthrie, in London on January 1st 1921. The couple had a daughter together, Joan Beatrice, who was born later that year on October 17th. Alec continued to serve with the RFA until he was discharged on April 15th 1925.