WW1 Alumni

Griffin, CH

Cedric Howard Griffin

Rifleman, London Regiment (London Irish Rifles)

Cedric Howard Griffin was born in 1899, the son of William John and Amy Ellen Griffin. He was educated at Alleyn’s from 1911 until 1914, and upon leaving school he became a Junior Clerk in the Railway Passenger Assurance Company.

He joined the war effort as part of the London Regiment (London Irish Rifles). During his time overseas, he saw service on the Western Front as a Rifleman. In March 1918, he was serving near Ypres when the German Army launched their Spring Offensive, a large scale attack that stretched across the entirety of the Western Front and took the British somewhat by surprise. The British suffered a substantial amount of casualties as they attempted to hold off the attacking German forces during this campaign and it was during this time that Cedric is believed to have been killed in battle after being reported as missing between March 21st and 26th. He is commemorated on the Arras Memorial.