WW1 Alumni

Favell, AJ

Archibald John Favell

Company Quartermaster Sergeant, Royal Fusiliers (City of London)

Age 15, Class VI B: 'Has good ability. A Scholarship boy who has benefited much from his residence here.'

Archibald John Favell joined the British Expeditionary Force at the age of 24. He lived at 8 Rutley Gardens with his father, Francis, and his three sisters, Ethel, Violet and Daisy. Before enlisting in the Army in September 1914, he was employed as a clerk. After being attested, he was posted to Royal Fusiliers where he joined 2nd (City of London) Battalion. Archibald had a colourful service record, seeing action on both the Western and Eastern Front during the war. His dedication to service and willingness to perform his duty saw him promoted twice during his time overseas, being promoted to Sergeant during the Gallipoli Campaign in August and promoted again to Company Quartermaster Sergeant in January 1916 before embarking to France. This long record of service combined with the poor conditions of trench warfare saw Archibald contract Typhoid Fever during the winter of 1917. After a short stay in hospital he returned to the front where he continued to serve in France until the end of the conflict. After the end of the war, Archibald returned home to England and moved to 82 Thurlestone Road, West Norwood.