WW1 Alumni

Dean, AR

Archibald Robert Dean

Archibald Robert Dean

Lieutenant, Australian Imperial Force

Archibald Robert Dean was a student at Alleyn’s until 1896 and lived at Herne Hill during this time. After leaving school, he moved to Australia and found work in Sydney.

He was still abroad when the First World War broke out in August 1914 prompting him to join the war effort as part of the Australian Imperial Force. Archibald joined the AIF as a Lieutenant and saw service overseas on the Western Front in both France and Flanders. He played a major role with the AIF during the Battle of Pozieres which saw the Australian forces attempt to gain the village of Pozieres from July-September 1916. During this battle, Archibald set a fine example for his men, leading a bombing attack with great gallantry and determination. He later became severely wounded in the battle but he continued at his post and held his position until being reinforcements arrived. His bravery and dedication to duty were recognised when he was awarded the Military Cross for his actions after these operations came to an end. Unfortunately, the wounds Archibald received during the battle later resulted in his death on December 2nd 1916. He is buried at West Norwood Cemetery.

Further details about Archibald are given on the Herne Hill WW1 memorial website.