WW1 Alumni

Coveney, AC

Arthur Cranley Coveney

Colour Sergeant, Nigeria Regiment

Arthur Cranley Coveney was already part of the British Army when war broke out in August 1914. He had previously served with the Royal Berkshire Regiment and had previously seen service in the South African War where he obtained two medals with bars for his gallantry and devotion to duty. During the First World War, Arthur served as part of the 2nd Nigeria Regiment and was part of the West African Frontier Force. The African theater of World War One saw the British and German forces clash as a result of each country having colonies in Africa. The fighting during this time saw each side attempt to force the other to withdraw from their positions. It was during these clashes in Nigeria that Arthur was killed in action on May 13th 1915. He is commemorated on the Loko Memorial in Nigeria.