WW1 Alumni

Cooper, HH

Herbert H. Cooper

Herbert H. Cooper

Rifleman, London Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles)

Age 9, Class I-Lower: 'Painstaking, industrious, good ability, good character'

Herbet H. Cooper was born 26 Aug 1897, the son of a Jeweller, lived at 45 and then 153 Herne Hill, and attended Alleyn's from 1906 - 1912. Upon leaving school he continued his education at the Northampton Institute. After the outbreak of war in August 1914, he joined the British Expeditionary Force as part of the London Regiment (Queen's Westminster Rifles). Herbert saw service in France in 1916 and took part in the subsidiary operations of the Battle of the Somme in July. He was involved in action at Gommecourt where the British attack was intended to draw away German reserves from the main Somme offensive. The operation was a failure and the London Regiment withdrew after making no advances and suffering a high amount of casualties. During this action, Herbert was reported as missing on July 1.

Herbert is also remembered on the Herne Hill WW1 memorial website.