WW1 Alumni

Cooper, CH

Charles H. Cooper

Lieutenant, Northumberland Fusiliers

Charles H. Cooper was a student at Alleyn’s until 1905 and lived with his father, William George Cooper, at 340 Green Street, Upton Park, London during this time. After leaving school, Charles found employment as a warehouseman with the company Phillips Davies and also decided to enlist in the British Territorial Force. During his time with the TA, he served as a Private with the London Regiment as part of 22nd Battalion, gaining valuable military training and experience. After the outbreak of the First World War in August 1914, Charles immediately decided to sign up to the Regular Force of the British Army and enlisted for service overseas. By 14th March 1915, Charles was serving with the London Regiment on the Western Front, seeing action in France and Flanders and taking part in a number of British operations. After just a month at the front, he became injured in action when he received a gunshot wound to his right wrist, resulting in him being sent back home to England to recover. Fortunately, Charles was able to recover from this wound quickly and he returned to France to continue serving with this regiment in September 1915. He remained on the Western Front for the rest of the war where he repeatedly proved his reliability as a soldier, as well as his natural ability for leadership in operations. These qualities eventually saw him recommended for a commission with the Northumberland Fusiliers and he received the rank of 2nd Lieutenant after completing his training. Charles continued to show his dedication and skill as an Officer and set a fine example to his men when his gallantry in active operations saw him receive the Military Cross. After the end of the conflict, Charles returned home to England and moved to 37 Cannon Street, St Albans.