WW1 Alumni

Coe, LA

Leonard Anthony Coe

2nd Lieutenant, RE Electrical Engineers

The Edward Alleyn Magazine reported the marriage of Leonard Coe to Winifred Bovey of Buckfastleigh on 20th May 1916 at the Church of King Charles the Martyr in Falmouth.

Editor's note: This event is not particularly significant until it is considered in conjunction with a letter written by another Alleyn's soldier, G.F Eden. On the weekend of 20th-21st May 1916 two Alleyn's boys were experiencing radically different life events. While Leonard Coe was in Falmouth for his wedding day, G.F Eden was being gassed, attacked and injured at the Front. It shows how WW1 was not one event in history but a series of multiple and entwined personal stories which added up to one bigger whole.