WW1 Alumni

Carter, RV

Robert Vincent Carter

Lance Corporal, Royal Marine Light Infantry

Robert Vincent Carter was a student at Alleyn's until 1897 and lived at 64 Jenner Road, Sydenham. He joined the war effort shortly after the outbreak of war in 1914 as part of the Royal Marine Light Infantry. Robert served as a Lance Corporal with the marines and saw service on the Eastern Front during the Gallipoli Campaign. It was hoped that this campaign would be a quick success for the Allies but by May 1915 there had yet to be a breakthrough on the Eastern Front. Throughout the summer of 1915, the British forces continued to launch assaults on the peninsula but these operations proved to be just as costly and unsuccessful. It was during these actions that Robert was killed in battle on July 14th 1915, shortly after the failed attempt to capture Achibaba. He is commemorated on the Helles Memorial in Turkey.