WW1 Alumni

Carpenter, C

Clarence Carpenter

Clarence Carpenter

2nd Lieutenant, Royal Fusiliers

Aged 15, Class VB Upper: 'A very earnest boy in work and behaviour'

Clarence Carpenter was born 8.8.1888 and was a pupil at Alleyn's from January 1903 to July 1904 when he left aged 16. He was the son of Benjamin Carpenter, clerk and lived in Fenwick Road in East Dulwich. It is believed by his family today that he also attended Gonville and Caius College in Cambridge.

He joined the war effort as part of the Royal Fusiliers and served on the Western Front as a 2nd Lieutenant. Clarence saw service in France and Flanders and took part in the operations on the Ancre in early 1917. These operations were intended to combine with the later actions at Arras and it was hoped that some initial advances could be made in the area before the main offensive took place. Clarence was involved in the fighting at Miraumont which began on February 17th 1917. He was killed in action on the first day of the operation and is buried at Regina Trench Cemetery in Grandcourt.