WW1 Alumni

Burman, AR

Alan Richard Burman

Private, London Regiment (Princess Wale’s Own Civil Service Rifles)

Age 16, Class Remove A: 'Form Captain. Means well - pleasant mannered.'

Alan Richard Burman was 17 years old when he joined the British Expeditionary Force in February 1917. Alan was one of the many young recruits who were required to join the war effort after the introduction of conscription in 1916. Many of these boys were still studying or had just recently completed school. Alan was studying at university when he received notice to report for duty. At this time, he lived with his parents at 201 Upland Road, East Dulwich along with his sister and his older brother. After being declared as medically fit for service, Alan joined the 15th London Brigade (Princess Wale’s Own Civil Service Rifles) which had been serving on the Western Front since 1915. During his time with the brigade, he saw action in 1917 during Battle of Pilkem Ridge, The Third Battles of Ypres and the Cambrai Operations. He continued to serve with the London Brigade in 1918 until he suffered a gunshot wound to the leg that saw him withdrawn from the front. The wound saw Alan suffer with a foot drop that caused him to be declared as medically unfit for service. He was discharged May 1919 and returned home to England shortly after.