WW1 Alumni

Brand, EPG

Eric Plydell Gough Brand

Eric Pleydell Gough Brand

Sergeant, London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)

Eric Pleydell Gough Brand lived at 28 Dovercourt Road, Dulwich and studied at Alleyn’s until the outbreak of war in 1914. During his time at the school, he was a House Captain for Roper’s and was known to be a straightforward and gentlemanly individual who was liked by all. He joined the British Expeditionary Force as part of the London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) and served as a Sergeant in France and Flanders. Eric’s time overseas saw him involved in a number of major operations where he led his platoon with great courage, determination and skill in battle. For this dedication to service he was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal, an award for gallantry in the field by other ranks. In 1917, he was involved in the Third Battle of Ypres which saw the BEF push towards the village of Passchendaele to gain higher ground. During these operations, Eric was killed in action on September 20th 1917. After his death, his Captain, S Davis, stated that he was one of the best NCOs of his Regiment and that he was about to be recommend him for a commission. He is buried at Ypres cemetery.