WW1 Alumni

Bowie, Francis W

Francis W Bowie

Captain, 7th Middlesex Regiment

Francis W Bowie joined Alleyn’s in 1906 and lived at 14 Fresco Road, Nunhead. During his time at Alleyn’s, Francis was an integral part of sporting life – playing Fives, Cricket and Football as part of School teams every year he was at the school. In his final year of Alleyn’s, Bowie was the Vice-Captain of the First Cricket team, Fives, Football, House Captain, and Fives Secretary. He continued this interest in sports after Alleyn’s, playing Cricket for Lloyds register in the Summer of 1914. He also stayed in contact with the school and was elected committee member of the Edward Alleyn’s Club on May 4th, 1914. After leaving Alleyn’s in 1912, Francis worked as a Junior Clerk until joining the Army. 

By December 1914, Bowie was a Private in the 14th company of London (London Scottish) before being promoted to the 3/6 Essex Regiment where he served as 2nd Lieutenant. By July 1917, Francis was a Captain in the 7th Middlesex Regiment, when he was in England to visit Alleyn’s. During the war, while serving as Captain, Bowie was wounded and gassed. After the war, Bowie is recorded as having played cricket for Lloyds versus Alleyn’s in July 1919 and as a donor for the War Memorial Board, the fund of which was open from 1918 – 1923.