WW1 Alumni

Bolton, GW

Gordon Wallace Bolton

Captain, East Yorkshire Regiment

Gordon Wallace Bolton was a student at Alleyn’s until 1904. During his time at the school, he was the assistant secretary of the Old Boys’ Swimming Club and was widely known by many former pupils of the school. Gordon briefly spent time in South Africa before the outbreak of war prompted him to return to England in August 1914. Shortly after returning home, he enlisted in the British Expeditionary Force and was assigned to the East Yorkshire Regiment where he served as a Captain. During his time overseas, Gordon served on the Western Front and saw action in France and Flanders. In April 1918, he was holding the line at Ypres when the German Army launched their Spring Offensive. During the struggle to resist the advancing German forces, Gordon was killed on April 24th 1918. His role at the school as assistant secretary ensured that he would be greatly missed by many former pupils after the end of the war. He is buried at Tyne Cot cemetery.