WW1 Alumni

Barber, JG

John George Barber

Signaller, Royal Engineers

Age 15, Class VB: 'Work and conduct good - talkative.'

John George Barber was a part of the Territorial Force (TF) when war broke out in August 1914. John enlisted in the TF at the age of 16 in November 1911 and was attached to London Army Troops. This was one of six Royal Engineers Signal Companies, named after designations to represent the localities of their members. During this time, John lived at 24 Chesterfield Grove, East Dulwich with his parents, Henry and Kate Barber, his sister and his three brothers. In between volunteering for the TF [Territorial Force], he worked as an audit clerk. 

When war was declared with Germany, the TF was mobilised for its home defence role and those serving were given the option of signing up for overseas duty. John decided to sign up for overseas service and enlisted as part of the Regular Army in 1914. He was designated to the 2nd Signal Company of the Royal Engineers in April 1915, which consisted primarily of members from the three London signal companies. John saw service with the company on the Western Front where he served in France and Flanders until the end of the war. 

On 3rd Dec 1918 he was admitted to hospital in France and on discharge joined 1st Signal Company. In Feb 1919 he was admitted to a Field Hospital and on discharge was sent back to UK and demobbed. For his services, he was awarded the 1914-15 Star as well as the British War and Victory Medal.