WW1 Alumni

Bachrach, R

Roland Bachrach

London Electrical Engineers

Age 13, Class IVC: ‘Hard working intelligent boy, good in every way, nice disposition’

Roland and his brother Erwin were Austrian citizens, although they were born in France in 1892 and 1894 respectively. They both enrolled at Alleyn’s in 1905 and Roland, who was a Foundation Scholar, completed his education in the summer of 1911, having led a very successful School career. In 1911 both brothers were naturalised as British.

Roland was stationed on the south coast during WW1, manning fortifications. After the war, he was sent to Ireland and was part of the garrison of Bere Island, a British concession. Later he graduated from Imperial College London and became head of the Shanghai Chemical Laboratory, but by WWII he was forced to return home.

Less is known about Roland’s brother, Erwin. It is thought he moved to Belgium and had a job in aircraft construction.

Information kindly provided by Roland’s great grandson, Thomas Bachrach